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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

The Paumanok Path

A 125 mile trek through wilderness, where you can encounter glacial kettles and erratics, rolling hills with panoramic vistas, parabolic dunes, coastal plain ponds, White Atlantic Cedar swamps, Dwarf Pines, Pitcher Plants, Painted Turtles, fields of Reindeer Lichen, maritime grasslands, Harbor Seals, Harrier Hawks, Olive Hairstreak Butterflies, Cedar Waxwings, and more.  This is an island of great natural diversity and the Paumanok Path* visits much of it.

Paumanok Path Summit 2004

Short History of a Long Path

A Sustainable Paumanok Path

Welcome to the Paumanok Path

The Paumanok Path, Western Segment, Pictures taken while hiking this trail 

Man Runs Entire 125 mile Paumanok Path Non-Stop

Laurel Valley

To Parking along the PP


Welcome to the Paumanok Path

Eric Mokarry, a 17-year old Eagle Scout candidate with Troop 44, Patchogue, has constructed an informational kiosk at the Rocky Point trailhead of the Paumanok Path.  Eric ran a car wash fundraiser at the Medford Firestone in the Sunshine Mall on September 7 and Edgar Goodale -CEO Riverhead Building Supply donated the lumber.

All the Land Managers and Trails Groups who have been working to make this 130-mile trail a reality appreciate that Eric realized how important it is to welcome people to the Paumanok Path and then created a means to do so.

The kiosk will have a map of the Paumanok Path, contact information about all the trails groups and land managers, some cautions about gentle and safe use, and an explanation of the blazing conventions for the path.  We plan to have a dedication for the kiosk this spring, 2004.  Perhaps National Trails Day would be appropriate.

Directions to trailhead:

Located on Route 25A, east of North Country Road, west of Rocky Point Road (CR. 21), In Rocky Point.  A recessed DEC parking lot is located on the south side of 25A, diagonally opposite Waldbaums shopping center.  There is an island between east and west traffic here.  The island hides the entrance to westbound traffic.  Be alert as it is easy to miss from either direction. 

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation has recently put in an order for a sign to designate the entrance to the parking lot for this incredibly huge and beautiful nature preserve.  If you wish to use this parking lot, the DEC asks that you first obtain a free three-year permit.  These permits are important to the DEC because they give information that helps them steward these protected lands more effectively.  Also, should something happen to you while hiking on these lands both the card on your person and the card at your vehicle windshield could be instrumental in speeding help to you.  For more information click on the following link:


Here are the people who worked with Eric on the project:

Christopher Mokarry-scout
Greg Mokarry-parent
Kim Mokarry-advancement chairperson, parent
Kevin Toolan-Scoutmaster
John Schiavo-Ast. Scoutmaster
Ursula Clossen-Committee Chairperson
Robert Schiavo-scout
Andrew Webster-Eagle scout
Alex Webster-scout
Sean Kehoe-scout
Branden Gersic-scout
Russ Grippi-parent
Ryan Grippi-scout
Nick Grippi-cubscout
John Rosero-friend



people working on the Paumanok Trail Eagel Scout project

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