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LONG ISLAND SAFE TRAILS COALITION                                                       

Minutes of meeting on 9 Sept 2002

Members present: Ken Kindler, Marty Shea, Richard Lupoletti, Gene Makl, Larry Kutash, Paul Hamilton, Dai Dayton, Steve Laton, Ed Porco, Dianne Rulnick

Ken called meeting to order at 11:10.

Gene and Richard reported on the information card on which they are working. A discussion ensued as to what and how many telephone numbers should be put on the card. The dilemma is to keep the amount of phone numbers down and yet to make the card as useful as possible. Richard and Gene will have a final draft ready before the next meeting.

The need for an easy to understand central source of information on hunting seasons on public land was also discussed.

Ken Kindler then spoke to the main purpose of today’s meeting, which was to coordinate a plan that will effectively address the illegal use of ATV's and Dirt Bikes in the Long Pond Greenbelt (LPG). He passed around a number of photos that vividly illustrated the problem. The degradation of the trails was all too evident. A discussion centered on the possibility of placing barriers and signs on trails that lead into and off of the LIPA right of way.  In the LPG many trails that lead to environmentally sensitive areas intersect with the ROW.  The ROW offers a roadway for the off road vehicles to access nature and recreation trails.  In addition to the LIPA ROW, barriers would be needed on the paths crossing over Old Farm Rd and the Sag Harbor R.R. Spur Trail.  Marty Shea has offered to talk with LIPA about what needs to be done. It was pointed out that LIPA doesn’t actually own the land, but has an easement. Who owns the land is not clear at this time.

Ken will start work on a presentation for the various Town Boards. He will generate some ideas and the board will participate in their development through correspondence prior to the next meeting.  It was suggested that this presentation should include:

The mission of the LISTC.

Description of the degradation of the trails caused by illegal off road vehicle use.

The impact the trail misuse and damage has on the utilization of the resource.

Solicit Town Boards’ help in hiring rangers, police action and legislation to make penalties stronger.

Propose that the Town Boards sponsor and facilitate the printing of the brochures developed by the LISTC.

Gene spoke to the sense of a partnership between the Town Boards and the LISTC.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30. The next meeting will take place on Oct 21, 2002 at 4 PM at the office of the Group for the South Fork.

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