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Back by popular demand .... the East Hampton Trail Maps!

Since there was no quorum at this meeting, the minutes are considered notes and shall be attached to the March minutes.


Minutes of 26 January 2003

Present:  Ken Kindler, Richard Lupoletti, and Ed Porco

Chair Ken Kindler opened the meeting at 4:08 PM

Letter Writing:  Richard presented a number of letters that were written to the editor of the East Hampton Star that resulted in an editorial condemning illegal ATV use on public and private land.  Richard would like to make the letters part of a presentation to each Town Board we address.

Cards:  Ed reported that the cards are being laminated and should be ready shortly.  We are printing 1500 cards at a cost of & .20 each.  The East Hampton Trails Society will pick up the initial cost.  We would like each organization which is a part of the coalition to notify it how many of the cards they want and will pay for.  Please contact Ed Porco at eporco@optonline.net or at 668-2093 for information and ordering. 

Truth-in-selling:  Ken received a copy of the Suffolk County regulation of Off-Road-Vehicles, Chapter 469.  To cite 469.3 – Limitations on use:

A. Public property.  No person shall operate an ATV off a public highway on private property in the County of Suffolk.

B. Private property.  No person shall operate an ATV off a public highway on private property in the County of Suffolk unless he has first obtained the express written consent of the property owner to operate the ATV on the property.  There shall be a rebuttable assumption that the operator of an ATV off a public highway on private property in Suffolk County lacks a consent to operate the ATV if the operator cannot produce written consent form from the property owner.

Any entity that sells an ATV in Suffolk County must post in a conspicuous place the above limitations.  Not only that, but the buyer must be furnished with a written copy of the following at the conclusion of the purchase of the ATV.

It is unlawful to operate an ATV off a public highway on public property in Suffolk County.  Written consent of the property owner is required if an ATV is used on private property.

If an infraction of the regulation is noticed or experienced by a member of the LISTC or any citizen, please notify: 

Charles A. Gardner, Director
Office of Consumer Affairs
PO Box 6100
Hauppauge, NY  11788-0099

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection announced changes to its regulation of off-road vehicle use.  A section that is of particular interest to us is the following:  In addition, the DEP will reasonably assess damages to state property in Wildlife Management Areas caused by illegal ORV use, including damages to natural resources, and will impose a damage fine three times the value of the assessed damages – when damages (as Measured by the cost of restoration) exceed $100.  The DEP Office of Natural and Historic Resources will develop a damages table that will allow for expedited calculation of natural resource damage of the types typical of unlawful ORV use.

Law Enforcement Council:  Concern was raised by Richard that the Law Enforcement Council operates only in the Pine Barrens area and not in eastern Suffolk County.  Here, we must rely on local law enforcement agencies.  Ken has submitted a questionnaire to LEC wherein is requested data on illegal ATV use in its area.  We are awaiting a reply.  The questionnaire has been sent out by LEC to its member agencies for input.

Town Board Presentations:  Richard suggested that a trails group makes the presentation to the board in the town where it conducts most of its hikes.  He reasons that town board members feel comfortable looking at a familiar face when the board is being addressed.  Each trails group has first-hand knowledge of the ATV problem in its area and thus lends authority to its presentation.  Further, Richard urges that the presentatioin be specific as to locale and the extent of the damage with photos and copy – in a sense, “Here is what’s happening.”  Also, Richard suggested that a file of letters and editorials be organized for the elicitation of town board members.

Website:  Ken will put minutes of LISTC meeting on his website.


Respectfully submitted by Ed Porco.



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